Where do your photography classes take place?

Around different areas in London, such as the Southbank, Covent Garden, Spitalfields, Hackney and Notting Hill.  We usually start in an indoor venue before heading outdoors to practice.


How many people attend the classes?

The class sizes cater for no more than 12 people, but we might have between 6-10 on average, depending on the photography workshop or course. Our tutors ensure all attendees get one-to-one time to address any particular needs they might have.


Can young people (aged 11-16) attend the classes?

Our classes are aimed at adult learners in terms of level and pace, but we do offer 1-to-1 session for young people at a discounted rate, which you can read about here.  All tutors who run 1-to-1 sessions with young people are CRB-checked.  Also, we’re looking to run educational programmes with schools and organisations in 2013, so if this might be of interest, email education@cultureclubphotographyworkshops.co.uk.


Are bridge cameras or compact cameras suitable for the beginners photography workshop? 

Our beginners class is targeted to those who want to learn with digital SLR cameras; if your camera can go into full manual mode you are welcome to come along – however you might find there are limitations to using compacts and bridge cameras – and these types of cameras are more appropriate for our classes in street photography or compact creatives.


Can I bring a film camera to your photography classes?

We’ve had attendees shoot with film cameras in the past but we don’t teach analogue photography.  If you want to pick up tips on composition and the basics of manual photography, you’re welcome to come along (but unfortunately we don’t offer facilities for film developing).


Do you offer camera hire? 

We will be offering digital SLR camera hire from November 2012.


Which digital camera for photography would you recommend to buy for a beginner?

There are a number of cameras to choose from, each with their own unique specs.  Have a look at our blog post here which offers some guidance on which camera to choose.


Do you offer photography taster sessions? 

Yes – we’ve started a one-hour taster session which takes place on a Sunday. It’s ideal for people who are completely new to photography and you can read more about it here.


Do you offer any longer,  SLR photography courses?

Yes – we now run 4-week beginners Digital SLR photography courses which take place on Saturdays.  You can book and read readmore about them  here.


Do you offer photography courses for intermediate or advanced photographers?

Our street photography class is aimed at intermediate photographers, as well as our photography day trips.


 What should I bring along to a photography class?

Pen, paper and your camera (of course).  You’re more than welcome to bring additional lenses if you’d like to experiment, but you won’t need a flashgun or tripod (unless it’s a night photography workshop). You should also remember to dress comfortably and where layers when appropriate.


What happens if the weather is expected to be bad before a photography class?

Cold wind won’t hurt anyone, but we’ll never shoot in heavy rain – and ice pavements are way too risky. We usually watch the weather like a hawk up to the last minute, so if the weather’s expected to be poor, we’ll send you a text or e-mail the night before to relocate or reschedule the class.

Are our outdoor classes physically strenuous?

Our outdoor classes involve walking for long periods of time over a reasonable distance – but it is our priority to make everyone as comfortable as possible. Be aware however, that due to the structure of some of our workshops, access to certain streets may be difficult if you find certain physical activities challenging –  so please contact our team who can advise further.

If you have further questions, call us on 0208 133 0359 or email photography@cultureclublondon.co.uk

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