Night photography

During this fun 2.5 hour workshop,  you’ll be introduced to some of the techniques used to capture subjects creatively at night. Ideal for photographers who know how to use their cameras in manual mode.

You will also learn:

  • The best exposure settings for shooting after dark
  • How to take different types of pictures to produce striking effects
  • How to paint with light
  • Extra tips to help you compose impressive photos in low light conditions


2.5 hours (7-9:30pm)



Equipment needed

  • a DSLR or bridge camera (no point and shoots)
  • A tripod (monopods, bean pods or mini tripods will not be suitable)
  • flashlight  (for light painting)
  • As it gets colder in the evenings during the winter, please wear extra layers, socks, gloves, hats and appropriate footwear as the temperature drops drastically around the Southbank (and you will freeze if you dress lightly! We do not accept liability for frosty weather, so please, please, please wrap up!)
Questions? E-mail or call us on 0208 133 0359

Winter Series Dates

  • 6th November 2014
  • 20th November 2014
  • 4th December 2014
  • 18th December 2014

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