The Culture Club Street Photography Workshops

Our Street Photography workshop is an introduction to the art of street photography, where you get to explore the trendiest streets in London to learn the tricks of some of the world’s most famous street photographers.

Through the guidance and feedback of the tutor as well as your peers, you will be able to take eye-catching images through an engaging and sociable experience. You will also be taught  how to observe London streets in a different way,  enabling you to unlock your creativity. Ideal for intermediate photographers (or those who’ve completed a beginners course) 

What will I learn?

  • A brief history  and examples of street photography
  • How to take pictures without people noticing
  • How to capture candid moments creatively
  • How to tell stories through your pictures







Equipment needed: 

  • A digital SLR or bridge camera (that can go into semi-automatic mode)
  • A zoom lens and/or prime lens (such as 18-55mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm or 20mm, 24mm, 50mm)

Next dates:

  • Sunday, August 2nd 2015
  • Sunday, September 6th 2015

Please note: these workshops are aimed at adults, so if you’re are 17 or below, you might be interested in our Photography Programmes for young people.  You can read more about them here.


Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking

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